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12PK Precisionaire/ Flanders 20"x25"x1" EZ Flow II Spun Fiberglass Furnace Filte
Master Flow 6 Inch X 25 Ft Insulated Flexible Duct R6 Silver Jacket Ventilation
NEW! 6" Round Ceiling Diffuser Damper Brown
Speedi-Products 4" Louvered Plastic Flush Exhaust Hood Dryer Bathroom Fan Vent
24" X 20 Steel Return Air Filter Grille For 1" - Removable Face/Door HVAC DUCT
BROAN Wall Vent Ducting Kit - FREE SHIPPING
Nigeria now has cheaper building materials — NBRRI DG
We have quite a number of them, a few in Abuja. We have made-in-Nigeria house in Kano, which has decayed; we have just renovated it. We are doing technology promotion projects in Plateau, Benue, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom states. In 2013, we are going to Sokoto ...
Dow Building Solutions Showcases Cutting-Edge Construction Technologies in Behind-the-Scenes Facilities Tour
While DBS focuses on residential, retrofit, and commercial construction markets ... in communicating the importance of incorporating the latest building materials and technologies in modern construction, particularly to current and prospective homeowners.
Surprising Slowdown in Nonresidential Building: EcoPulse
Private nonresidential construction is losing steam in the U.S., a sign that commercial real estate may be a drag on the economy ... The weakness may persist, judging by the Architecture Billings Index, a monthly survey of U.S. based ...
Saudi construction pipeline hits SAR 375 billion as KSA remains crucial link in long-term growth of MENA's construction sector
Saudi Build 2013 lines up more expansive construction showcase to mark 25 years as the largest business ... Building Materials Exhibition - is poised to gather the biggest collection of industry professionals, decision makers, investors and construction ...
Stock Building Supply Holdings files for up to $175 million IPO
North Carolina-based Stock Building Supply, which is backed by buyout firm Gores Group, sells lumber and building materials to new construction ... exit their investments in the sector. Industrial and construction supplies company HD Supply ...
Witten 322GR Automatic Vent Company Foundation Vent with Damper, FS
Furnace Vent Deflector 
Outdoor Roof Wind Turbine Heavy Duty Vent Weather Protection Fabric Canvas Cover
Gardner Bender Plug Duct Seal Compound Sealant Electrical Non Conductive, 1 lb.
Speedvent Crawl Space Foundation Air Vent Cover New Any Quantity Gray
Indoor Air Conditioner Cover, Small 
UNICO ALUMINUM FLEXIBLE 16"x 12'L,R-4.2 Insulated duct 12ft 16X12 HVAC 12ft 16in
NEW Wye Branch 6" x 6" x 6" - Y Duct Connector Fitting For Fans and Ventilation
4" White Vinyl Dryer Vent Cover
Lambro Industries 143WP Lambro"dustries"dustries Plastic Under Eave Vent, 4In,
14" Flexible Duct Mobile Home -FLEX- 25ft Rubberized Black Jacket
Lambro 143W Plastic Under Eave Vent - 4"
WELLAND 15" Red Oak Wood Baseboard Diffuser Wall Vent Floor Register Unfinished
Dundas Jafine 3-4 Alum Increaser
12x8 Round Duct Reducer 12" to 8" Adapter
LAMBRO INDUSTRIES Aluminum Duct Pipe, Flexible, 3-In. x 8-Ft.
Gable Vent 8x8in Standard Sq, Single, PartNo 620812, by Canplas Inc
Air Vent White Rectangle Aluminum Gable Vent 14.5-in x 20.5-in
Witten Automatic Vent Company Foundation Vent with Damper 322GR
Filtered Return Air Grille, 24x24", White - 4MJT8
Decor Grates WLC412-N 4 in. x 12 ft. Louvered Floor Register, Natural Cherry
Vents-Us 4-Inches Galvanized Steel Spring Loaded Back Draft Damper-Rubber Seal
VENTS-US 6 In. Galvanized Back Draft Damper Rubber Seal Round Horizontal Durable
American Metal #400B8X10 8x10 Grav Floor Register,No 400B8X10
Taco 400-4 1/8-Inch-NPT Float Air Hy-Vent 150 PSI 240F new in factory box
Atco 18" x 25 ft. Insulated Flexible Duct, R 4.2, 07025-18
30" X 20 Steel Return Air Filter Grille for 1" Filter - Removable Face/Door -...
12" X 12 Steel Return Air Filter Grille For 1" - Removable Face/Door HVAC DUCT
Air Vent 81112 Aluminum Wall End Louver, 12" X 18" , FREE SHIPPING
Gardus R3203612 Extension Kit 12' For LintEater White
97013576 Plastic Grille with Springs
14" X 24 Steel Return Air Filter Grille For 1" - Removable Face/Door HVAC DUCT
16" X 25 Steel Return Air Filter Grille For 1" - Removable Face/Door HVAC DUCT
24"w X 16"h Steel Return Air Grilles - Sidewall And Cieling HVAC DUCT COVER
Speedi-Products SM-RWVD 6 Wall Vent Hood With Spring Damper, 6-Inch
14" X 14 Steel Return Air Filter Grille For 1" - Removable Face/Door HVAC DUCT
Speedi-Products EX-RCGU 08 8-Inch Diameter Galvanized Umbrella Roof Vent Cap
Speedi-Products SM-RWVD 5 Wall Vent Hood With Spring Damper, 5-Inch
Industries 308 7-Inch X 8-Foot Aluminum Semi-Rigid Duct
Diversitech 710-100 Polypropylene Duct Hanging Strap Black 1 3/4" -1 ROLL NEW
MagVent MV-90 Magnetic Dryer Vent Coupling
HFS Non-Insulated Ducting Aluminum Foil Vent With 2 Clamps, 25-Feet 6-Inch
2 inch Black Plastic Square Under Cabinet Air Vent , Home / RV / Anywhere
Speedi-Products AC-BD 06 6-Inch Diameter Galvanized Back Draft Prevention Damper
20" X 30 Steel Return Air Filter Grille For 1" - Removable Face/Door HVAC DUCT
Speedi-Products FD-25R6 08 8-Inch Diameter By 25-Feet Length Insulated Flexible
Gable Vent 22in Wht Octgn Vnyl
20" X 25 Steel Return Air Filter Grille For 1" - Removable Face/Door HVAC DUCT
Medium Corner Duct Cable Raceway (1150 Series) - Feet White 2 Sticks
6'' inch Ventilation Aluminum Ducting Duct Bathroom House Green Grow Room Tent
14" X 25 Steel Return Air Filter Grille For 1" - Removable Face/Door HVAC DUCT
GRAINGER APPROVED Return Air Grille,24x24",White, 4MJP2
Round to Oval Adapter-8" (requires field oval-ization)
Black Plastic Manual Crawlspace Vents (4-pack)
MagVent MV-180 Magnetic Dryer Vent Coupling
Premium 4" In-Line Duct Back Draft Damper Stop Drafts from Bath and Kitchen Fans
Vent Guard Filter Roll Air Cleaner Dirt Indoor Allergens Protection Cover 16x60
Atco 16" x 25 ft. Insulated Flexible Duct, R 4.2, 03025-16
4 In x 12 Ft Insulated Flexible Duct R6 Silver Jacket Fiberglass Heavy-Duty New
Imperial Manufacturing Pipe Reducer 6" Dia To 8" Dia Blk
TruAire 190RF 20 in. x 16 in. White Return Air Filter Grille
Deflecto Suspended Ceiling Diffuser, Adjustable, 4", White (TFG4)
Deflecto Duct Plastic Increaser and Reducer, 4" to a 3", (IRB43)
4 in x 25 ft Insulated Flexible Air Duct Silver HVAC Ventilation Flex Ducting R6
Registers Grilles & Vents 16"w 4"h Steel Return Air Sidewall And Cieling HVAC
ATCO 05102516 Noninsulated Flexible Duct, 16 In. Dia.
16" X 20" Steel Return Air Register Grille White Good Used Condition
Ductwork Insulation Sleeve Effective Insulation Draft Duct System Temperature
4-inch KOM 100 U Round Back Valve Galvanized Back-Draft Damper with Rubber Seal
LAMBO 264W VINAL DUCT VENT KIT 4" x 5 Ft (White)
12PK Precisionaire/ Flanders 20"x20"x1" EZ Flow II Spun Fiberglass Furnace Air F
Taco 400-4 1/8-Inch-NPT Float Air Hy-Vent
Soffit Vent 16x8in Plastic, PartNo 641608, by Canplas Inc, Single Unit
AIRTEC MV360 Round Diffuser Grille for 6/7/8" Duct
6-Inch Starting Collar Take Off Snap Together HVAC In-Wall Ducting Board Venting
Deflecto HUPK8WA/4 Easy-Connecting Semi-Rigid Dryer Vent Hookup Kit 8ft
Smart Vent Insulated Flood Vent Stainless Steel Model 1540-520 AUTHORIZED DEALER
Round Reducer Hemmed Collar Edges Increase Pipe Size Steel 10 in. to 8 in.
16"w X 16"h Steel Return Air Grilles - Sidewall and Cieling - HVAC DUCT COVER...
Active Ventilation Aluminum 8 in. Dia. Low Profile 50 sq. in. NFA Roof Vent NEW
NORDFAB Clamp, 5", 3260-0500-100900, Quick Fit, Silicone Seal, 45ZD65, G2268065
Return Air Grille, 24x24", White - 4MJP2
Turbine Cover,No TVC1, Thermwell Products
New Gardner Bender 1 lb Non-toxic Plug Duct Seal Compound Grow Room Ventilation
8x16 Manual Foundation Air Vent - BLACK - quit replacing air vents - Crawlspace
Gable Vent Attic Nailing Flange Paintable White Finish Rectangle Steel 12X18 In.
C-Box HVAC Plenum Ceiling Box 16 x 16 x 12 Round-Connects to Vent Register
12x6 3 Way Wall Ceiling Register Vent Cover Home Office High Quality Steel New
7" Collar Splice Crimped Sheet Metal Flex Duct Connector Hvac AC Steel
Magnetic Register Vent Covers, MVCX815, 8" X 15", 3-pk, New, Free Shipping
Duraflo 646015BR Soffit Exhaust Vent, Brown
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Owens Corning Buys Mineral-Wool Maker
and industrial markets. Owens Corning, which is based in Toledo, Ohio, already makes a variety of insulation products, including its familiar pink fiberglass batts, blown-in fiberglass, extruded polystyrene, and duct liner and duct board. Thermafiber ...
Nonprofit to donate proceeds to victims
In addition to soliciting donations from corporations and individuals to help rebuild and repair homes, the organization itself is donating ... computers and/or ... Life on Campus Corner will be a little busy this week as city of Norman crews install a new ...
RCC: Building odors, air reviewed
Studies of air quality and other issues in the Riverside City College’s Math and Science Building showed no hazardous conditions exist but ventilation and comfort issues need to be addressed, an RCC vice president said. The heating ...
Louisville Dryer Vent Repair Wizard Explains Hazards Associated with Clogged Dryer Vents
plastic and flexible foil dryer vent tubes need a new rigid metal dryer duct installed. With over 17,000 clothes dryer fires reported each year, the Wizard works to promote consumer awareness on dryer fire prevention. He enjoys building positive ...
Is duct cleaning worth it?
But should you take the bait and buy? But experts say the jury is out on whether ... exhausts particles outside of the home or use only high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment. Protect carpet and household furnishings and items.
Become your own landlord
Leased space is so ubiquitous, and cheap, that brokers are counseling many clients to rent rather than buy this year. But some tenants are ignoring the advice. Midwest Tungsten Service Inc. was outgrowing two separate rental locations.